He Spun A Dozen Times

from by Umor



Tighten till tight
Hold my fingers crossed
Hold my legs beneath your face -
and no death was close
And the foal that was sold
And the foal that was cold
All right I said
Glad it is a girl
Hope she is a fool
Beauty and a fool
And I know cause I've been there
Seen and done that too
Her eyes flashed around in the crimson room

Hold my belief
Hold before they close
Travel thru time
Party has begun
People would go and went
Arrived and made an attempt
I was on my way
Getting roaring drunk
Descended these steps
Thru garden and about
When I was here last
I tore my gown indeed
Somebody told me that he killed a man once

You don't look interested
Laughed and turned to me
They simply force their way
Too polite to object
He wanted nothing less
That she never did
Trouble on the road
Was she really killed?
You'd better come home
He turned back eagerly
I walked away and left
Left him standing there
In the moonlight watching over nothing

Care carelessness
Their carelessness
He threw dust
Deserved no praise


from Held Us Silent For A Moment, released April 9, 2014




Umor Zagreb, Croatia

Umor is a loud and heavy atmospheric rock/metal band with stoner and doom influences, based in Zagreb, Croatia.

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