Opportunity To Be Heard

from by Umor



Acting as ghosts and many of us are
Hearing continues in the nuance of sorting
Solicitations to secure what he'll say
I feel it was someone she could not believe him
Regardless of strain in the end doesn’t he smile?
I wish I could pine, to pour in, to live it

That's right, you and me, in your, together

Solicitation we live under God
I will repent before or on my funeral
Turnaround and stare, the form that she knew
Enhancing displacement the hallmark of believer
Telling you why and pressing your spine
I will be glad to offer and reach out

That's right, you and me, in mine, fire

Look into the eye, of lovers
Look into the eye, of his


from Held Us Silent For A Moment, released April 9, 2014




Umor Zagreb, Croatia

Umor is a loud and heavy atmospheric rock/metal band with stoner and doom influences, based in Zagreb, Croatia.

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