One that is closed in time is going slow
He'll choose to climb aboard
Thru wind, with vision of storm
Calling is drunk and breathe before you're down
Fear with a shine, most needed to ignite

Stowaway hides with stories in his mind
Dark stench of letter in blood
As ghost, to throw them overboard
Regarding my plague I jumped into the storm
Alluded again, the slaughter of men

Ariel is past and Jane devours me fast
He'll choose to go even more
Far more, into the south
Waters that flow, entangle our minds
Thrown into arms, of waterfall white

look all of the lights
that eye that oppose as a child
all in all she was there alive
she'll be sure to say,
it's round and full of our crimes


from Held Us Silent For A Moment, released April 9, 2014




Umor Zagreb, Croatia

Umor is a loud and heavy atmospheric rock/metal band with stoner and doom influences, based in Zagreb, Croatia.

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